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What are Sprout Families Saying?


"Sprout has been a huge answer to prayer for our family. Our autistic son has shown so many amazing gains since Sprout. He looks forward to going all week long and it's no wonder why. Sprout makes him feel so very loved and puts so many efforts into a wide variety of activities to make therapy FUN! We can't say enough wonderful things about our experience!" ---DW, Mother

"We love Sprout!! My daughter has been going to Sprout for almost a year now and has made leaps and bounds in both her fine motor skills as well as her sensory system!! Sprout is extremely knowledgeable in the field of pediatric occupational therapy and my daughter LOVES coming!! I feel we are now better equipped to enter Kindergarten next year. Thank you!!" --- EF, Mother

"In the year that we have been at Sprout, our 4-year-old son has accomplished so much. He went from crying at the park and not swinging to enjoying the park.  He could not get messy without changing clothes and just last week made a finger paint picture without tears or changing clothes. We cannot thank Sprout enough for all the effort they put into the walk beside us in our journey with our son. Thanks, Sprout for all you do you are truly a blessing to our family!" --- KC, Mother 

"My son has a developmental delay with gross and fine motor issues. Since starting with Sprout over a year ago he has made such amazing gains. It has made his social life better as well since he can now engage in the same play as his peers. His therapist has the biggest heart and such patience with him. He loves to work with her and looks forward to seeing her every session. She is a part of our healing team and part of our family. Our son would never be where he is today without her!" ---SA, Mother 

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